1. jordotheweirdo said: Do you have a list of all of your films relating to teenagers? I'd like to see that.

    hi jordo, there is a list of all the titles (about 2,000) in the margin of the blog. I think one in three or four is about teens, but i did not take notes of that…

  2. The Wilding - Short Film

    The Wilding
    Director: Grant Scicluna
    Cast: Reef Ireland (Malcolm), Shannon Glowacki (Tye), Luke Mullins (Adam), Frank Sweet, Richard Anastasios, Lachlan Ward, Peter Monea, Christina Chidiac, Damien D’Costa
    Australia | 2011 | 15 min

    ENG - Juvenile inmate Malcolm is in love with his cellmate Tye, but their relationship is confined within their cell. When Malcolm is offered a shot at parole, his actions inadvertently mark Tye as a target for attacks by other inmates. With the bullying against Tye escalating, Malcolm is torn between his chance for freedom and protecting the one he loves.

    DEU - Das Jugendgefängnis ist hart für die Zellengenossen Malcolm und Tye. Jeder weiß, dass die beiden ein Paar sind. Weil der friedliche Tye die Angriffe der Mithäftlinge auf sich zieht, ist der durchtrainierte Malcolm sein wichtigster Schutz. Ab sofort darf er seinen Freund aber nicht mehr verteidigen, denn nur eine Schlägerei und er kann den ersehnten Status als Freigänger vergessen. Das wissen auch die anderen im Knast.

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  3. raf-goals said: wonder if i could watch Roulette Berlin somewhere online x

    There used to be some places where u could watch trailers or clips (like with homoinmotion, or courtneytrouble.com ), but either someone started hunting them down for ownership reasons or censors took action against nudity and sex… I can only find a short clip here

  4. polaris-kirsten said: HI! I wonder where can I watch Mary Marie? Is there any chance? Thank you! Very much.

    Thanks for asking!

    They are planning to sell the DVD beginning August, 7th. You can try and win one here

  5. Miss Tacuarembó
    Director: Martin Sastre
    Cast: Natalia Oreiro (Natalia), Mirella Pascual, Mike Amigorena
    Uruguay / Argentina Spain | 2010 | 92 min

    ESP - Natalia, una niña que crece durante los años 80 bajo la influencia de la telenovela Cristal y la película Flashdance en la lejana y pequeña ciudad de Tacuarembó, descubre que ser coronada Miss es su única posibilidad de dejar atrás su aburrido pueblo natal y emigrar a una gran ciudad. 

    ENG - Natalia grows up in the 80s in Tacuarembó, a small town in Uruguay, under the influences of “telenovelas” like Cristal and movies like Flashdance. The young Natalia soon sets her goal on winning the Miss Tacuarembo title as her first step in becoming a star and leaving her boring hometown. Fast forward - Natalia now lives in Buenos Aires and has yet to achieve fame. TV’s biggest reality show gives Natalia one last chance to become a star. How will Natalia take advantage of this golden opportunity?


  6. Mary Marie
    Director: Alexandra Roxo
    Cast: Alana Kearns-Green (Mary), Alexandra Roxo (Marie)
    USA | 2010 | 80 min

    In the wake of a mother’s passing, blond and beautiful Mary and fiery redhead Marie retrace their footsteps back to the country house where they grew up. Seduced by the sultry heat of the rural summer, their sisterly affection begins to overflow into unspeakable love. Their forbidden intimacy deepens until a naive handyman troubles the waters, unleashing waves of jealousy and betrayal, and exposing cruelty that only lovers are capable of.


  7. The Men’s Room
    Director: Jane Pickett
    Cast: Russell Sams, Blake Robbins
    USA | 2012 | 15 min

    Thomas goes into a restroom for a sexual encounter and ends up getting a cop instead, plunging him and the viewer into a world of moral complexity and ambiguity, desire, and betrayal.