1. Married In Spandex
    Directors: Devin Gallagher, Allison Kole
    Featuring Rachel Turanski and Amanda Kole
    USA | 2011 | 50 min

    The film follows Rachel Turanski and Amanda Kole from West Philadelphia to the cornfields of Ames, Iowa, to exchange vows. The ceremony was officiated by internet-celebrity and satirical rapper Leslie Hall.
    “I, quite honestly, knew that if I were to ever get married it would have to be an off-the-wall kind of celebration. It wasn’t ever going to be in anyway traditional, or white, or you know, people coming over to my house and showing me flowers and feeding me cake. It wasn’t ever going to be like that.”
    As they begin a life’s journey together, Amanda and Rachel are determined to make their wedding day a unique and memorable affair. Married in Spandex follows the young women as they navigate their way from their home in the City of Brotherly Love to the town of Ames, Iowa for a celebration like nothing anyone has ever seen. From the “brides mamas” and “butches” to the officiant (lady rapper and performance artist Leslie Hall) to Amanda and Rachel’s tutu-clad Chihuahua, the two have planned the day of their spandex-clad dreams.
    But, at a time when every same-sex wedding is seen as a political act and brides or grooms-to-be are asked to walk the entire LGBT community down the aisle, will everyone be cheering Amanda and Rachel’s offbeat “I do”? Can a lesbian wedding be all glitter and gold lamé? Can Amanda and Rachel’s road trip revelry convince friends and family to get on board and support their relationship? The documentary is a clear-eyed record of one same-sex couple that wants their wedding to be about their family and not a statement about so-called family values. Told simply, despite the complicated questions its story raises, Married in Spandex is part road movie, part political documentary, part performance art and, utterly and unquestionably, all love story.

    website http://www.marriedinspandex.com/


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