1. Doña Herlinda y su hijo Doña Herlinda and her Son

    Director: Jaime Humberto Hermosillo
    Cast: Arturo Meza (Ramón), Marco Antonio Treviño (Rodolfo), Guillermina Alba (Billy), Guadalupe Del Toro (Doña Herlinda) and Letícia Lupercio (Olga)
    Mexico | 1985 | 90min

    Rodolfo is a bachelor doctor who has a love affair with a younger music student, Ramón. Rodolfo’s mother, Doña Herlinda, knows about her son’s sexual orientation but she’s willing to accept it as long as she gets her only wish: a grandson.  When she begins to urge her son to get married, he quickly asks modern and open-mind Olga to become his wife. Ramón is heart-broken, but Doña Herlinda has the final solution to make everybody happy: She asks Ramón to live with her, near by Rodolfo and Olga. Everybody together forever.
    Gays of today, particularly younger guys, may find some scenes bizarre if not unbelievable. The dancing scenes at Lake Chalapa, for example. But it’s the way things were and it depicts a slice of Mexican society in true-to-life fashion. 


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