1. Buffering
    Dirs: Darren Flaxstone & Christian Martin
    Cast : Alex Anthony (Seb), Conner Mckenzy (Aaron), Jessica Matthews (Jem), Bernie Hodges (shop keeper)
    UK | 2011 | 70 min 

    A young gay couple (Seb & Aaron) have overspent on their credit cards and have bills stacking up. One of them(Aaron) decides to sell their sex life online without telling the other one that he’s secretly filming them. The money starts to pour in until he gets caught! Realising that their troubles are being “paid off by getting laid” Seb agrees to carry on until they’re back in the black. When their friend Jem turns up and suggests they introduce a third to really take them over the top things get dicey in their relationship…a wise “sex shop owner” counsels them both individually to make the right choices - be it choosing between Viagra or cialis (the blue pill or the orange) or choosing love over money or a threesome..!



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